My Story

Rebecca Marie Goodrow started Willow Body Works in 2013. An avid reader, she seeks to arm herself with the latest and most evidence-based knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology, pelvic health for both men & women, the science behind therapeutic bodywork and impacts of intentional birth. 

She completed massage certification at The Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in 2005, EMT/basic at Hudson Valley Community College in 2009, childbirth and postpartum training with Doula Trainings International in 2015. In 2018, through her own healing journery,she discovered the Arvigo School of Mayan Abdominal Massage which opened the door to working with the connection between soft tissue and issues like Pelvic floor pain, abdominal bowel syndrome, erectile dysfunction and painful intercourse and infertility, with great success. Since then she has assisted dozens of laboring persons through the labyrinth that is the birth process and the many life changes that follow. Rebecca has always felt a connection to this this form of The Divine Feminine, beginning with her own Mother - having held space during the birth of her siblings. Though she was still a teen, those memories were the foundation of her career.

Shining the light down the path of education, community, compassion and practical insight has been her mission. She and her Doula partner, Victoria Kerezi, believe that The Birth Experience is different for every family and that the loom of a child's fabric of understanding begins to weave at birth. We must practice a inclusion and freedom of choice across all spectrums of existence. Because the image of Family may vary, but the intentional love remains the same.  

Currently Willow Body Works is being hosted, with gratitude, by Om Shanti Healing Arts in East Greenbush AND New Moon Doulas in Albany